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Nystagmus Spectacle Type 501

by Prof. Frenzel  


Nystagmus Spectacle with:

  • fixed lenses
  • fixed connection wire
  • Clip-headband





Nystagmus Spectacle with fixed lenses by Prof. Frenzel Type 501fre_501b

Modern vestibular diagnostics require a high degree of precision when looking for spontaneous or provoked nystagmus. In many cases, the only way of making a correct diagnosis was to perform a technically complex electronystagmography (ENG). The new nystagmus spectacles by Prof.Frenzel represent a user-friendly alternative. The actual examination using these goggles takes place in a dark or a heavily dimmed room. The illumination of the inside of the goggles causes the patient to lose visual contact with his/her surroundings (preventing nystagmus-inhibiting visual fixation). At the same time, it is especially easy to observe the patient’s brightly illuminated eyes using magnifying lenses. This means it is often possible to detect immediately, just by looking at the patient, pathological nystagmus processes that would be impossible or difficult to detect, even when looking sideways.


Clip-headband Type 5.01.08fre_clipband

The clip headband lets you fit the nystagmus goggles securely in front of the patient’s eyes. This in turn makes it easy to look for provoked nystagmus, e.g. by shaking the patient’s head or by performing swivel-chair or postural examinations. Slightly squeeze the clip headband to remove it from the slots of the nystagmus spectacles.  




Power Supply Type 506netzteil_beide

Power supply of the nystagmus spectacle.     




DEHAG-Battery Container Type 504batteriegriff_neu_beide

In order to allow a usage independent of the power supply, alternatively the Nystagmus Spectacle can be supplied with power through the DEHAG-Battery container. It can be operated with three 1.5 Volt batteries, size C LR14/AM-2 (baby cells). (Batteries are not subject of the offer).     




Replacement cover Type 57.00.02fre_abdeck

The cover ensures the shielding of the light bulb.     




Replacement lamp Type 507fre_elampe

The Nystagmus Spectacle Type 501 can be operated with a 4 Volt; 0.23 Ampere; 1 Watt replacement lamp. (Thread diameter: 3.5 x 0.35mm).   download: prospectus Nystagmus Spectacles by Prof. Frenzel (PDF file 1,5 MB)