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Type 405

blu_405_grossBlood Sedimentation Test Apparatus for the high speed Macro-Method by Westergren

  • for 5 tests
  • with filling device


The apparatus works in the vertical position according to the standard Macro-Method by Westergren. If the reliable high speed method should be used, the pipette carrier must be tilted into the 60° position immediately after filling. After 6 minutes the 1 hour value and after 3 more minutes, that is 9 minutes, the 2 hour value can be read.


Complete with:

  • 5 Filling Valves (Type 464)
  • 5 Form Pieces (Type 463)
  • 5 Macro-Pipettes (Type 495)
  • 1 Drill-type pin (Type 465)
  • Instruction manual


The blood withdrawal and the filling of the pipettes by syringe is carried out precisely as described for the 300 series through a practical filling device.

Design: Two metal bars with moulded Bakelite swing joints fixed into a heavy base of polishes marble. A purpose-designed metal frame with a screw-fitted filling crossbar at the lower end and a lever crossbar at the upper end to hold the test pipettes securely, is fixed to the Bakelite swing joints. The vertical- and the high speed 60° positions of the frame are obtained by swinging the same into the lock-positions of the Bakelite joints.

Cleaning: The pipettes, form pieces and filling valves can be easily cleaned with the Drill-type pin and a DEHAG-Water Jet Pump.