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Telefon Dehag

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Type 305 / 310

blu_310_grossBlood Sedimentation Test Apparatus for the standard Macro-Method by Westergren

  • for 5 tests (Type 305)
  • for 10 tests (Type 310)
  • with filling device


Precision made frame with built-in cross-lever bar for the save hold of the pipettes on a easy-to clean plastic base with practical filling devices.


Complete with:

  • 5 (10) Filling Valves (Type 464)
  • 5 (10) Form Pieces (Type 463)
  • 5 (10) Macro-Pipettes (Type 495)
  • 1 Drill-type pin (Type 465)
  • Instruction manual


As soon as the blood sample has been taken from the patient, the same syringe fits into the DEHAG filling valve through which the citrated blood is injected into the sedimentation pipette up to the zero mark. In the up-right position, the valve device allows the pipette to be filled. Finally, the connected syringe is pushed into the level position, closing the valve. The syringe can then be withdrawn and the macro sedimentation test starts.



Cross-lever bar


Filling device





Cleaning: The pipettes, form pieces and filling valves can be easily cleaned with the Drill-type pin and aDEHAG-Water Jet Pump.