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Type 205

blu_205_grossBlood Sedimentation Test Apparatus for the Micro-Method by Westergren for 5 tests The pipettes have a width of 0,8 mm and a 100 mm long scale with length gradation.       Complete with:

  • 5 Micro-Pipettes (Type 496)
  • 5 Stoppers (Type 466)
  • 3 Watch-glasses
  • Rubber tubing- and mouth piece
  • Instruction manual

  As equipment we offer the Micro-Set Type 468.   This apparatus needs 3 – 5 drops of blood for the analysis of the blood sedimentation speed. With the help of this method, the blood sedimentation of children and women with narrow veins is facilitated. The results of the Micro-Method by Westergren are as reliable as the results obtained with the standard Macro-Method by Westergren.   Cleaning: The apparatus can be easily cleaned with a DEHAG-Water Jet Pump.