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Content – Type 521

Our reliable and proven nystagmus spectacles type 521 according to Dr. Blessing for long-term examinations with:

  • solid glasses
  • direct illumination
  • fixed connection cable
  • Clip headband

The scope of delivery of the nystagmus glasses includes:

1x Nystagmus spectacles type 521
1x clip headband type 58.20.01
The clip headgear ensures secure fixation of the nystagmus spectacles in front of the patient’s eyes.


DEHAG battery housing type 504
The DEHAG battery housing is used to supply power to your nystagmus spectacles and enables controllable, (mains) independent work in mobile use.
Plug power supply type 506
The plug-in power supply is used to power your nystagmus spectacles with an output voltage of 4V DC.

Spare parts

Spare lamp type 507
The Type 501 Nystagmus Spectacle is powered by two 4 volt; 0.23 amp; 1 watt replacement bulbs (thread diameter 3.5 mm x 0.35 mm).
Cover type 57.20.02
The cover provides the shielding of the light bulb.

The nystagmus spectacles type 521 according to Dr. Blessing are used for long-term luminous spectacle examinations.

The illumination of the nystagmus spectacles according to Dr. Blessing is indirect, so no light reflections can occur, which lead to an undesirable, nystagmus-inhibiting gaze fixation in the patient. Since direct illumination of the eye is prevented by the shielding of the illuminated bulbs, no PURKINJE vein image occurs, which can trigger a random ‘illuminated spectacle nystagmus’ by its movements, so that false positive nystagmus findings can be excluded.

The actual lighted eyeglass examination takes place in a dark room or heavily darkened room. The interior illumination of the glasses interrupts the patient’s optical contact with his environment (elimination of nystagmus-inhibiting fixation). At the same time, the brightly illuminated eyes are particularly easy to observe under the magnifying glasses. In many cases, pathological nystagmus processes are detectable when looking straight ahead, which are not or not reliably detectable without glasses, even when looking sideways.

The power supply of the nystagmus spectacles is provided either by the DEHAG battery case type 504 or by the plug-in power supply type 506 (both not included). The DEHAG battery case is powered by three size C LR14/AM-2 batteries (baby cells) of 1.5 volts each. Via the adjustable battery handle, you can individually adjust the light intensity by slightly turning the switch. The plug-in power supply is connected via a standard household power socket (100-240V/AC, 50/60Hz).

The Blessing type 521 nystagmus spectacles are operated with two 4-volt lamps, which can be obtained from medical supply stores.