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Content – LED Type 823

State-of-the-art technology:
Our reliable and professional LED nystagmus goggles type 823 for short-term examinations, in mobile use with:

  • LED lighting
  • diffuse illumination
  • stepless regulation of the brightness
  • Timer function
  • Automatic on/off switch (can be deactivated)
  • coated glasses

The scope of delivery of the LED nystagmus glasses includes:

1x LED nystagmus goggles type 823
with improved stability and processing quality. In addition to the individual product features, the LED ring lighting provides a homogeneous and diffuse light.

With the new LED nystagmus spectacles we offer an improved version of our proven nystagmus spectacles according to Dr. Blessing. The model type 823 is used for short-term illuminated goggle examinations, in mobile use.

The actual lighted eyeglass examination takes place in a dark room or heavily darkened room. The interior illumination of the glasses interrupts the patient’s optical contact with his environment (elimination of nystagmus-inhibiting fixation). The illumination of the new LED nystagmus spectacles is provided by diodes arranged in a circle behind a luminous plate, which produce a diffuse light with adjustable brightness without any fixable luminous points that could affect the examination result.

In the battery versions of the LED nystagmus spectacles, the timer function makes it easier to observe the deflections within a certain period of time (30, 60 or 90 seconds). In addition, one minute after the timer expires, the LED Nystagmus Spectacles will turn off the illumination, and picking up the LED Nystagmus Spectacles again will automatically turn it back on. This power-saving feature, as well as a low-battery indicator, is designed to ensure the constant availability of the LED nystagmus goggles. The automatic on/off function can be deactivated if not required.

This model enables cordless operation and can be used independently of the power supply. The power supply of the nystagmus spectacles is provided by the fixed top-mounted adjustable battery handle, which is designed to accept three size C LR14/AM-2 batteries (baby cells) of 1.5 volts each. (Batteries are not included!).

Detail views

Rotary switch
The rotary switch can be used to turn the LED nystagmus glasses on or off and adjust the brightness at the same time. Next to the brightness control is the on button for the timer function.
Timer display
The flashing diode indicates the expiration of the respective time unit.