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General Terms and Conditions

I. Scope

1. Provided no diverging special agreements have been reached, all contracts within our delivery/service business, including future ones, are exclusively subject to the following conditions. The invalidity of individual conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. The same applies if individual conditions are not part of the contract.
2. Our conditions apply only to businesses within the meaning of § 14 of the German Civil Code (BGB), legal entities under public law and specialised entities under public law.

II. Offer, acceptance and withdrawal

1. Our sales offers are always subject to change. Orders that have not been confirmed by us within a reasonable period of time
shall be deemed to have been accepted.

2. Information concerning dimensions, weight, colour, material and equipment in our catalogues and in other documents are only approximations, unless we have expressly stated them to be binding in our order confirmation. The Customer cannot reject changes due to technical

III. Prices

1. Our prices are stated in Euros, excluding VAT, ex our Göttingen office. As a rule,
the prices billed are those that are applicable on the day of delivery.

2. Packaging, transport costs, insurance and all other costs incurred by our office are
added to the original costs.

IV. Payment

1. Payment must be made in cash in full within 30 days from the billing date or no later than 14 days from the billing date with a 2% discount. If the order total is more, then 1/3 of the total price must be paid when the order is placed,
1/3 prior to shipment, and the remainder 30 days later.

2. If the payment deadline is exceeded, then normal bank credit costs are calculated as default interest from the date the payment is due
if further default damage is claimed.

3. If the Customer falls into arrears and a bill of exchange is protested, the Customer shall transfer ownership of goods, or else recovery proceedings shall be initiated against him/her, meaning that all payments, included those not yet due, shall be due immediately.
4. We reserve the right to deliver to unknown Customers in Germany solely upon receipt of an advance payment or cash on delivery. We will deliver to unknown Customers abroad only if we receive an irrevocable letter of credit or against advance payment of the billing amount.
5. Our invoice number must be stated for every payment.

V. Shipment and storage risk

1. Every shipment from our office is made fully at the Customer’s own risk and expense. This also applies in cases
of force majeure and other unavoidable events or interventions.

2. Unless otherwise agreed, we will select the appropriate mode of shipment and insure the shipment for the total invoice cost from our office to the place of delivery. Items stored on an intermediate basis are insured for 30 days only. The Customer must provide information on any damage
or items lacking in writing upon receipt of delivery.

3. Sample consignments and consignments of commissioned goods are delivered and stored at the Customer’s own risk. Unless otherwise agreed in individual cases, it is agreed subject to further notice that the Customer has agreed to purchase the item delivered if he/she has not returned it no later than 3 months after the invoice date. The item will then be due for payment without further deadlines. Any depreciation or return costs shall be
charged to the Customer.

VI. Delivery dates

1. Delivery dates are not binding. A lack of raw materials, operational disruptions or any other
unforeseen circumstances release us temporarily or permanently from delivery obligations.
VII. Images, special designs, drawings etc.

1. Images, measurements and weights are not binding. The recipient shall receive drawings and sales documents on the express condition that he/she does not pass these materials on to third parties or competing companies (see § 832 of the German Civil Code [BGB]). Drawings that form part of offers must be returned immediatelyif the order has not been placed with us.

VIII. Retention of title

1. We shall retain title to the delivered goods so long as the Customer still owes us payments from the business relationship. The Customer is entitled to use the goods once the transaction has been completed properly.

2. If the Customer sells delivered goods, or goods made therefrom, to which we have title or joint title, or if the Customer installs or processes these goods with a third party as a result of a contract for work or a service contract, then the payments that the Customer owes to his/her contractual partner must be transferred to us up to the amount of our purchase price claim against the buyer or, if applicable, to the amount of our co-ownership share in the goods sold or used

3. The Customer is obliged to notify us immediately of any third-party interference with our property. As long as the Customer still owes us payments, he/she may neither pawn nor transfer ownership of these goods, nor may he/she use them illicitly. The Customer must take all necessary precautions and actions to protect and
preserve our property.

IX. Place of performance and jurisdiction

1. The place of performance and the jurisdiction is Göttingen, unless otherwise stated in legislation
The headquarters of the company are located in Rosdorf. Court of registration: Gö HRA 3754. Tax no. 20/201/03588.

2. Relationships founded on the contract are governed by German law.

X. German Federal Data Protection Act

1. We hereby inform you that we store business partner data ourselves or with third parties to the extent that is necessary for business purposes and permissible under the German Federal Data Protection Act.